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Contact us to schedule a workshop for your group (10 people minimum). It’s free for events on UC Berkeley campus! We offer two standard workshops and we’re happy to discuss your custom ideas.

Bias Reduction

1 hr

Bias Reduction workshop

Participants are guided through exercises developed by a group of social scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that are proven to reduce implicit racial bias.

Overcoming Unconscious Bias

1 hr

Overcoming Unconscious Bias workshop

Participants learn how to recognize the effects of bias, and speak up effectively when bias is hurting themselves or someone else.


It’s not easy to realize that you have hurt and oppressed others, even if your actions were unconscious. Here, we’ve cultured a safe space to share stories of the bias we experience, share ideas about how we can fight biases in ourselves and others, and connect with others who are also working towards eliminating their own biases.

We’re collecting stories now. If you include your name and email address, we promise to contact you before sharing anything you say with the outside world.

We encourage you to:

  • Submit your reaction to your Implicit Association Test results. What you were you surprised about, if anything?
  • Share which methods have or haven’t worked for you in adjusting your personal biases
  • Give other examples of ways that people experience bias
  • Link to news articles and primary literature you think we should know about
  • Suggest other ways to eliminate bias, change your outlook towards out-groups, etc
  • Submit any other thoughts or ideas about unconscious bias that you want to share

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