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What people are saying about our “Understanding and Overcoming Unconscious Bias”¬†workshop

I appreciated how the workshop on bystander intervention for unconscious bias created a space for us to share our experiences and develop responses for the subtle comments and occurrences we all face in our everyday life.
It was helpful to hear how some people recognized unconscious bias in situations that might have been overlooked by others, clarifying even further for me what “intent vs. impact” means in relation to these topics.
The workshop made me more understanding and empathetic for us, the people embedded in a culture that perpetuates and sustains harmful stereotypes, but it also made me less tolerant of the comments and behavior that reinforce these biases. I feel more social support to intervene in moments where unconscious bias is taking shape.
This workshop was great! Real-life situations were presented, and several possible responses were provided for each scenario. It was helpful, because there isn’t just ONE, simple answer or reaction that you can repeat like a mantra to any given situation. Only wished we had more time — it was that good.

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